A tour around swingersclub Fata-Morgana

Including pics

Swingersclub Fata-Morgana is the exotic oasis in The Netherlands. An erotic paradise at the top level. Swingersclub Fata-Morgana is located near Amsterdam and is very easily accessible from the A1 motorway.

Swingersclub Fata-Morgana is a modern club, with a cozy bar, a large dance floor with professional disco and top DJs, fantastic restaurant, luxurious relaxation rooms and not to forget a modern sauna complex. The VIP Lounge with fireplace makes the whole the most versatile and friendliest swingersclub in Europe.

We invite you to take a virtual tour around our modern club. We hope you get a good impression of the beauty and hope to welcome you soon.


A warm welcome

Wij heten jullie van harte welkom in de mooiste, grootste en meestbesproken parenclub van Nederland.


At the rear of the club is located our parkingspace and entrance. A pleasant space where the wardrobe is also located. At the Fata-Morgana you may wait inside if it is temporarily too busy at the door. On leaving at the end of the evening, don’t forget to pass your hand over the bounteous bowl of sweets for while you’re underway!

After you have registered as a member and received a free membership card, you will have access to one of the finest and largest swinger clubs currently operating in Europe.

In the spacious changing area there are situated large lockable lockers and there is also for the ladies a large dressing table with the necessary requisites. Near to the changing areas there is also located a number of toilets and deluxe showers for your use.


Sauna and whirlpool

De whirlpool is vaak het middelpunt van de club. Veel actie, maar daarnaast is er ook alle ruimte of even lekker te chillen in de sauna, een frisse douche te nemen of een sanitaire stop te maken.


Via the terrace you enter our splendiferous sauna complex. In our ultramodern sauna complex you will find a large whirlpool, sauna, showers, bidet, toilets and a relax area. With this complex, the club has for your delight all those facilities that you would expect to find in a first-class swingers club.


The VIP Lounge

Het zelfbedienings drankenbuffet naast de lounge bevat alles wat je je maar kunt wensen. Uitsluitend A-merken natuurijk! (Alleen op zaterdag geopend) De ruime VIP Lounge is ruim van opzet en geheel rookvrij. Relaxen met hoofdletter R! (Alleen op zaterdag geopend) De VIP Lounge New Style is voorzien van een prachtige moderne inrichting met heerlijke loungebanken en comfortabele zitjes (Alleen op zaterdag geopend).


Next to the bar is the entrance to the VIP Lounge. The large open fireplace ensures a warm intimate atmosphere. Here you can, with unrestrained ease, enjoy the people, and the extensive self-service drinks buffet.

De VIP Lounge. Rondom de centraal gelegen haard is het heerlijk vertoeven. (Alleen op zaterdag geopend) De VIP Lounge. Rondom de centraal gelegen haard is het heerlijk vertoeven. (Alleen op zaterdag geopend) Dit gedeelte van de vrij toegankelijke VIP Lounge is compleet nieuw ingericht. Knus, sfeervol en intiem (Alleen op zaterdag geopend).

You can’t forgot to have seen this unique VIP Lounge during your stay with us. The Lounge is a large erotic relax area, a superabundant self-service drinks buffet and a video corner with comfy seats can be found in the VIP Lounge. This is in short a paradise.

Discotheque and bar


In combination with the intimate dance floor, the Fata-Morgana also houses a professional discotheque which has the latest electronic novelties in the areas of light and sound.

Right next to the dancefloor there is the exceptionally fine bar where a large range of drinks can be relished. At the bar, there are also situated a large number of luxury sofa’s. Seated on these, you will quickly have a keen view over the entire club and in particular that area which forms the dance floor.

The club also has a built-in balcony which extends over the entire length of the edifice.

Various types of settees are placed on the balcony for your comfort. The view from the balcony enraptures expectations and it is regarded as one of the most intimate areas at Fata-Morgana.


Superior restaurant



Directly next to the bar is located our restaurant of which a first impression will beggar belief in all. This is initially engendered by the large choice of the various possibilities afforded you in the composition of your chosen meal. To name all is beyond this tour of the club. We do however make an exception to this in informing you of the large range of meats that beckon and await your indulgence and the large choice in superior-tasting salads to be had from our salad buffet.

Our restaurant is also graced with a luxuriate all-inclusive coffee machine for the making of espresso, coffee, cappuccino or various blends of tea. Also, be sure not to miss our ice cream counter. Here you can help yourself to an ambrosial mix of luscious sherbets, ice cream or other iced delights.


Erotic relax areas

 één van de vele Erotische Playrooms (zolder verdieping, alleen op zaterdag geopend) Erotische Playroom, benedenverdieping Erotische Playroom,eerste verdieping

In addition, the club has a large number of relax areas. These are located on the ground floor as well as on the first and second floors. All these areas have an own style and character and are most suited to satisfy your risquest dreams. In all our relax areas you will also be taken aback by the high degree of ubiquitous attention paid to the necessary hygiene.

In order to give you an idea or impression of this, is an impossible task for us. Seeing is believing!

That’s why we will now end our tour of Fata-Morgana and we can only advise you to come quickly to Fata-Morgana and be convinced. We are already sure that your first visit will certainly not be your last.

We would also once again like to bring to your attention that only couples are admitted to the Fata-Morgana allowing for a good ambiance to be enjoyed by all.


Summer Garden

On Sundays, during the summer months and in good weather, we open the doors to our luxurious, fully modernized outdoor complex.

With a delicious (partially covered) terrace, outdoor pool, lounge beds, a spacious sunbathing area and of course a bar and buffet for the necessary refreshments.